Installation of new batch reactor

In Q1 2011 EcoSynth has invested in new and state of the art flow chemistry infrastructure. Today EcoSynth is again proud to announce the investment and installation of a new 5 l double jacket batch reactor. EcoSynth has chosen to invest in a new very robust and reliable system, with maximal chemical resistance and a temperature range of -40°C – 200 °C.
The combination of the flow chemistry and scale up batch infrastructure creates new opportunities in custom synthesis and contract research for EcoSynth and his customers. The scope of the reactions EcoSynth can perform is now further extended and the most optimal reaction conditions can be offered. On top the recent investments make the development and synthesis of new compounds in quantities above 1 kg is possible in a high quality and very efficient way.
These recent investments support the EcoSynth strategy with a clear focus on further development as the CRO able to provide innovative and sustainable organic chemistry solutions.

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