EcoSynth Open Day: a big success

Ostend, May 22, 2011 –

As part of the events to celebrate the international year of the chemistry, Essencia, the federation of the chemical industry in Belgium, organized this weekend an open door in more than 60 companies and knowledge centers. EcoSynth combined the open door with the celebration of his 10th anniversary. In the morning, more than 100 VIP’s were welcomed for a lab tour and reception. In the afternoon, EcoSynth opened his doors for the general public which had also the opportunity to visit the production plants of Proviron and Huber. The EcoSynth team gave the visitors an insight in their innovative & sustainable organic activities and explained during the lab tour how state of the art equipment is used for research and development. At the end of the day more than 220 participants visited EcoSynth and, based on the feedback of the visitors, the open door can be called a big success.

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