Patent describing a general and mild method for industrial transesterifications has been granted in Europe

On December 28th 2016, the patent "TRANSESTERIFICATION PROCESS USING MIXED SALT ACETYLACETONATES CATALYSTS" has been granted in Europe (EP2582453 B1).This invention describes  highly active and selective transesterification catalysts for the industrial production of esters. The objective is achieved by reacting an ester and an alcohol in the presence of a catalyst consisting of a metal 1,3-dicarbonyl complex acting in combination with a salt. The reported catalysts are prepared from readily available starting materials within the reaction medium without the need for prior isolation (in-situ preparation) and act via an innovative dual activation mechanism.

These catalysts have the following advantages:

  • High selectivity and tolerance towards functional groups
  • Easy preparation (mixture of two known salts)
  • Easy separation
  • Enhanced tolerance towards water (no drying required)
  • Non-toxic Zn2+ or Fe3+

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