Panta Rhei

Everything flows, everything is in motion. With these famous words the Greek philosopher Heraclitus obviously did not refer to us, but most certainly his ancient philosophy is fostered by EcoSynth. In the past year, significant investments were made in further development of the flow chemistry division with the installment of an H-cube reactor for catalytic hydrogenation in flow and an Asia Flux electrochemical flow module. Moreover, the recent funding of a new project related to photochemistry in flow supports our mission to be experts in this challenging and rapidly developing field.

The positive flow at EcoSynth is also reflected on company growth. In 2015, the group doubled in size with more recruitment to be expected in 2016. Basically, the strategy behind this growth is our continuous effort to keep our customers satisfied by delivering quality research. Beside this, successful R&D project applications, often in alliance with academic groups, have benchmarked EcoSynth as innovative SME. Not only did this assist in attracting skilled people with diverse scientific backgrounds, it also facilitated the sourcing of new investor capital. As such, a new shareholder structure was installed and the organizational level was redesigned.

Now, at the start of 2016, a team of motivated scientists, backed by solid business and financial expertise, is ready to consolidate the company’s growth.


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