Similar to photochemistry, electrochemistry remains not frequently used as a synthetic tool in industry. However, it could be a low cost and green alternative to many batch reactions. The ability to very precisely control the reaction parameters makes that it has a lot of advantages over traditional chemistries. Given this increasing potential, Ecosynth has invested in its electrochemical capabilities. 

Electrochemical capabilities in batch:

  • Electrasyn 2.0 Batch Screener (IKA)
    • Cyclic voltammetry
    • Ambient pressure and temperature
    • Vial volume: 10 ml
    • 0-10 V – 0-100 mA
    • Electrodes: Stainless steel, Graphite, Platinum, etc.


Electrochemical capabilities in flow:

  • AsiaFlux Flow Cell (Syrris)
    • Reactor volume: 225 μl
    • Reaction pressure: 0-5 bar
    • Reaction temperature: 0 °C up to +60 °C
    • Homogeneous reaction mixture required
    • Electrodes: Stainless steel, Graphite, Platinum, etc.
  • FAVO™ 5 Flow Reactor (Creaflow)
    • COSTA™ Technology
      • Best-in-class for handling multiphase processes
      • Anti fouling/passivation (self-cleaning electrodes)
      • Enhanced & tunable mass-transfer
    • Reactor volume: 5 ml
    • Reaction pressure: 0-16 bar
    • Reaction temperature: -20 °C up to +150 °C
    • Electrodes: Stainless steel, Graphite, Platinum, Nickel, Titanium, Specific materials & coatings (please enquire)
    • EA-Power supply PS 3040-20 C (0-40 V – 0-20 A)

Pump systems

  • Syringe pumps: WPI Europe (AL-300) (AL-1000) (AL-1010) (AE-1000)
  • HPLC pumps: Thales Nano (Z0053439), Knauer (P2.1S)
  • Peristaltic pumps: Vapourtec (SF-10 series)
  • Piston pumps: Ismatic (ISM321C)
  • Gear pumps: Analogix (0962-1)


For more information about Ecosynth's electrochemical capabilities, please download our brochure.

More information about the FAVO™ reactor can be found on the Creaflow website.

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